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I offer online, face to face and phone appointments, & currently have space for new clients. Do contact me if you'd like to have a brief informal chat prior to making an appointment., you can email me or write to me via 'contact page'.
Historically Homeopathy has been part of the 'front line', with homeopathic medicines being used extensively around the world for flu like symptoms and epidemics; it can form part of your approach to the current virus outbreak, alongside recommended NHS prevention and treatment guidelines


Homeopathy consultations

I offer homeopathy consultations and support from my clinic in central Brighton on border of Hanover & Queens park.

Nutritional therapy

I offer nutritional therapy and support from my clinic in central Brighton on border of Hanover & Queens park.

"I first contacted Anita several years ago when I was very debilitated and exhausted from chronic anxiety. A friend suggested homoeopathy and so I contacted Anita. I have begun to feel well again.” Catherine M


For out-of-hours advice (evenings & weekends), please call:

Homeopathic Help Line
09065 343404


The following rates for Homeopathy and/or Nutritional therapy.

Homeopathy and Nutritional Healing are complementary healing modalities
Most people start with one approach, e.g Homeopathy and bring in the Nutritional healing at a later time, or vica versa

All fees include:

• consultation & case analysis
• homeopathic remedy
• dietary & supplement recommendations (in the case of nutritional therapy there will be the additional cost to you for any nutritional
supplements recommended )

Brighton fees

Single Therapy consultation (Homeopathy or Nutritional)
First appointment - £120
Follow-ups - £75
First appointment & follow ups, under 12yrs - £95 & £70

NB. In addition to above fee there is a small fee for remedies, post & package - usually £5 - 10
more if i do not have your remedy in stock and they need to be ordered from specialist pharmacy

Joint Therapies consultation ( Homeopathy & Nutrition together)

Once we are established with one approach e.g. Homeopathy and you want to start Nutritional healing work, the fee for the first session will be as for a first appointment above

Follow up appointments for both Homeopathy & Nutrition together - £75 - £95 (variable & depending on consultation time & work needed after consultation) - this applies to adults and under 12 yr olds

Telephone advice

I offer Zoom, Skype & phone consultations

Telephone advice is also offered between appointments for acute complaints. Fee for this is dependent on each individual case, depending on time needed and if any remedies are posted to you.

Services & Fees. fincalunch

Homeopathy courses

I’m a registered supervisor with the Society of Homeopaths and support students in training and after qualification.

To discover more about homeopathy training opportunities, visit the Society of Homeopaths.


I facilitate first aid and introductory workshops in homeopathy and nutrition.

I am particularly interested in providing workshops for use at home in acute and first aid situations, to show how they can be incorporated into your daily life for yourself, your family and friends.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss organising a workshop.

Grassroots education

I have also been involved in a grassroots education project in Matanzas, Cuba, where I have facilitated small workshops on homeopathy and run seminars introducing naturopathic principles and first aid.

If you would like to learn more about these projects, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Services & Fees. Golden Tree

Private Health Insurance
There are various companies that include Homeopathy listed here.

I offer a 10% family discount if 2 or more family members consult with me jointly

You can buy any recommended supplements from The Natural Dispensary Ltd. and receive a 10% discount, once you've registered your details, just use my name and PP promo code in 'check out' before final payment.

A small extra charge will be made for homeopathic remedies, at my discretion, e.g. for extra bottles/liquids, and if I need to post any to you.


If you are experiencing mobility problems and live within Brighton & Hove, please talk to me as it may be possible to arrange a home visit.

There would be an extra charge of £10-20 (depending on where you live) to cover my time and traveling expenses.

Get in touch

If you'd like to discuss any of my services, please get in touch.

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